Case Study: Developing an efficient system of headphone styles for an in-flight entertainment supplier.



Our expertise in manufacturing techniques gives us an informed approach to designing elegant products within cost constraints.

In creating this line of headphone housings for Avid, we were able to set a high bar for style and flexibility, while still maintaining the basis of affordability required by consumables for airlines.

The system maintains a consistent platform for high quality noise canceling headphones while enabling flexibility for corporate branding and aesthetic exclusivity. 


Through drawing, sketch models, and 3D printed prototypes - we arrived at a set of styles that could be interpreted and implemented within the brand palettes of QANTAS, EMIRATES, and BRITISH AIRWAYS. Clever use of texture and layering of material gives them a feeling of luxury and utility that is typically not found in airline distributed headphones.

The easily swappable faceplates enable quick access to noise canceling componentry for servicing and replacement if necessary. This system facilitates extremely affordable cosmetic and brand specific alterations and substitutions without the need for costly retooling.