Baby Brezza is an award-winning company that prides itself on creating healthier and more intuitive experiences for both parents and their babies during the feeding process. With busy parents in mind, Brezza approached us to design a baby bottle that would fit into their suite of successful products.



Better for Parents

Through surveys, interviews, behavior tracking, and contextual observation, OCTO set out to understand the full scope of the feeding process and identify opportunities that aligned with Brezza's core mission of making everyday feeding workflows as fuss-free as possible. By combining innovative engineering with the insights pulled from this extensive research effort, OCTO developed and released the industry's first successful two-part bottle.



Better for Baby

OCTO teamed up with a certified lactation counselor to gather information on healthy oral development and common bottle feeding issues like colic and nipple confusion. The Baby Brezza bottle is ergonomically designed to fit a baby's mouth and support the switch from breast to bottle and back again.



Making it Real

Even the most beautifully designed products can fall flat if the realities of manufacturing processes are not considered. OCTO's in-house team moved seamlessly from the initial stages of research, to the drawing table, to the factory floor to ensure a high quality product with an emphasis on intuitive design, ergonomic shape, and simple construction.


We absolutely LOVE the shape of the bottle. It’s a very comfortable feel and easier to hold... I also like the fact that the nipple and collar are one unit. One less piece to worry about the daycare or us losing it and one less thing to wash.
— Janet, Product Tester