HxGN Live is an international conference that brings Hexagon customers and partners together to explore the latest developments and new discoveries in the metrology industry. The event is an opportunity to showcase innovation, and Intergraph approached OCTO to do just that.



Transforming Data into Action

Augmented reality (AR) headsets and tablet interfaces in an industrial environment can provide critical, real-time information and work instructions; by integrating onsite sensors, content databases, and remote expertise, AR technology reduces errors, increases productivity, and improves site safety. OCTO and Intergraph saw the upcoming HxGN Live conference as an opportunity to generate excitement and allow users to experience the intelligence of AR technologies firsthand.



Beyond the Screen

In the initial stages of concept development, OCTO helped Intergraph flush out a vision for the physical and digital elements of the interactive experience. OCTO carried this vision through UI/UX design, environment build, and final implementation to create a massive, multi-faceted wall of technology that showcased Intergraph's latest developments in Augmented Reality, complex model visualization, and modern touch interfaces. 



Storytelling for Everyone

The entire experience was carefully crafted to include a spread of technologies, workflows, and interfaces for inspectors, operators, and plant managers alike. OCTO took Intergraph's vision of a connected future and created a narrative experience that allowed attendees to virtually step inside a mining facility and emerge with an understanding of how Intergraph's AR solutions transform the way real-time data drives industrial operations.