Case Study: Create and illustrate a completely new experience for interacting with large scale manufacturing equipment and systems. Making measurement data more meaningful through web connected sensors.



In coordination with Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence, OCTO created a completely novel system for collecting data from measurement equipment. A series of small sensors, added to the existing complex hardware, to provide critical data for tracking the performance of the machines. These sensors are paired with an intuitive, user-driven software platform that connects the equipment with the operators and managers. Not only is this a new product, but it's the beginning of a new business model.


OCTO's team threaded together complex sensing technology and sophisticated metrology into an interaction experience that enables both operators and managers to fully understand the environment. This simplification of complex technology is the cornerstone to the way the team approaches a problem. We stripped down the problem to provide a solution that puts actionable information at the finger tips of those who need it most.


Our interactive interface development prototypes revealed new areas for optimizing the usability of a complex system. Graphics and navigation provide a split audience with a clear hierarchy of data allowing one platform to support different types of users. 

This process provided Hexagon with a platform that began a new way of thinking within the organization and has lead to a new definition for software applications world wide.

MMS Pulse is an excellent example of complete coordination between hardware, software, Industrial Design, Mechanical Engineering, and Interaction design. It is the culmination of 13 months of development in close coordination with Hexagon's talented engineering staff. The outcome is a major shift within the industry, opening new revenue channels for years to come.