For the 2017 HxGN Live conference, Hexagon Smart Visualization (formerly MyVR) wanted to feature new eXtended Reality (XR) workflows across office, control room, and field locations. To allow conference attendees to experience the connected workflows in "real-time," OCTO integrated XR technologies with multiple storylines and points of interaction. 



Collaborative Capabilities

To demonstrate how eXtended reality (XR) could reduce the complexity of, or even eliminate, existing workflows, OCTO helped Hexagon Smart Visualization design four distinct demonstration zones where conference attendees could experience visualization technologies. In each scenario, attendees were invited to participate in real-time collaborative workflows that featured new developments in both hardware and software platforms. 



Building Relationships

OCTO's design efforts for the 2017 HxGN Live conference is part of an ongoing relationship with several divisions of Hexagon Global. The conference is more than just an opportunity to wow attendees with beautiful demonstrations of the latest-and-greatest technologies. By creating experiences that capture visions of the future, the annual conference becomes an opportunity for Hexagon to continue a conversation about how their innovations can shape future industries and challenge the way we think about data.