Salamander Designs, an industry leader in home-entertainment furniture, has been producing specialized furniture systems for over 20 years. When asked to design a line of AV cabinets for Best Buy's Magnolia Store, Salamander Designs teamed up with OCTO to develop a cost and style considerate system that would appeal to a conscious consumer without sacrificing the company's commitment to quality products. 



Details Make a Difference

Homes are as unique as the people that occupy them, and there is no one-cabinet-fits-all solution. Through strategic variations in panel and leg detailing, OCTO designed several different styles of AV cabinets that could fit a wide range of interiors while still honoring Salamander's existing manufacturing and assembly requirements.



Capturing New Markets 

The new line-up for Best Buy Magnolia Store was met enthusiastically, generating sales growth and excitement for new product. By partnering with OCTO, Salamander Designs was able to capture a mainstream consumer base and reinvigorate their presence within the leading retailer's markets.