During our workshops and design sprints, the OCTO team works with you and your team to explore how design thinking can foster new ways of problem solving. To deliver innovative solutions, sometimes we must start at the beginning and reimagine the process for generating new ideas. 



Designed for You

We've jumpstarted R&D teams with rapid ideation and prototyping, helped organizations rebrand or take advantage of white space in their markets, and worked alongside management to map strategic business plans. Whether you need a half-day design sprint or a series of multi-day workshops, the OCTO team will work with you to create the experience that fits your goals, your timeline, and your team.



All Hands on Deck

During your workshop, you can expect to be an active participant in a variety of hands-on exercises. Our workshops are developed so that your organization can gain a new understanding of how empathic design thinking, user research, and experience-based prototyping can be used to achieve extraordinary results.