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With a culture of curiosity and a focus on people, OCTO works with clients to design solutions that improve the lives of their customers.

Every project begins with people. Our work stems from a deep and ever-expanding understanding of human needs and behaviors. We work with you to create meaningful products, systems, and solutions that balance business objectives with the interests of real users.

Our human-centered focus means we utilize rigorous design research methods in all of our work. Out in the field, at home in our studio, and everywhere in between, the OCTO team is here to help you find insights that fuel the development of innovative products and experiences.

By leveraging years of experience across industries, we make our clients' ambitions a reality through smart solutions that work at scale.


Whether mapping opportunities for new development, working with you to define a brand identity, or partnering with manufacturers to bring a new product to market, we know that meaningful solutions must consider the full scope of design, development, product life cycle, and user experience in order to be sustainable.

Our approach integrates research and engineering, iterative prototyping, and rigorous testing to help us identify and address production and usability issues early on, minimizing costly surprises for our clients down the line.

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